29. Old Vines Cinsault, South Africa £18.95
Wonderful mid-bodied red with notes of blackcurrant and spice
30. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Italy £18.95
A classic little Italian with light juicy fruit… perfect lunchtime tipple
31. Shiraz, Soldiers Block, Australia £21.95
Mouth filling, Aussie red with stacks of character. A lot of bang for your buck
32. Merlot, Reserva, Torres, Chile £21.95
Plums and jam in large, delicious quantities
33. Cotes due Rhone Villages, France £21.95
Spicy and bold… the French really are coming back, especially here in the Rhone
34. Zinfandel, Burlesque, California £21.95
Big Yank bursting with succulent red fruit
35. Malbec Reserva, Kaiken, Argentina £23.95
Top notch Malbec from a serious producer…think red meat with this rascal
36. Juan Gil, 4 Meses, Jumilla, Spain £23.95
The unctuous Monastrell Grape in all its beauty…be warned, you’ll need another!
37. Pinot Noir Reserve, Chile £24.95
Mid bodied classic which works so well from Chile…like rich cranberry juice. Ideal with game
38. Rioja Reserva, Hacienda, Spain £24.95
Beautifully balanced Rioja with vanilla and oak…lamb is especially nice with this beauty
39. I Muri, Negro Amaro, Italy £25.95
Bold and plump. A real gem from the heel of Italy
40. Fleurie, La Madonne, France £25.95
Classy red with more going on than its colour would have you think…like silk
41. Cabernet Sauvignon, Dandelion, Australia £34.95
A smack on the chops with a large concentrated blackcurrant. What’s not to like?
42. Ripasso di Valpolicella, Alpha Zeta, Italy £38.95
Sofia Loren in a glass…thirty years ago!